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Acura Integra Type S Launches This Summer With 320 Horses

Acura is cranking the wick – and the whip – on its Integra, caring not one whit what nattering keyboard warriors have to say about the thing having (gasp!) four doors. Y’know, just like the original car did. Go back to your stale popcorn, Seth.

Anyway, we’re glad for any sports-oriented machine that is packing a manual transmission and isn’t the shape of an SUV. 

The company posted this video to YouTube this morning, showing off a trio of exhaust tips and the type of accelerative racket generally associated with hot hatches. Which the Type S is, of course. Acura says the car will make 320 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft of torque from its 2.0L turbo, outstripping its Civic Type R cousin. In capable hands, that model scoots to 60 mph in a hair over 5 seconds before devouring the quarter-mile in less than 14 sweeps of the second hand. The Integra Type S promises to be “paired exclusively” with a six-speed manual transmission.

Other revelations? Red-hued promo teaser shots suggest some sort of fender flare kit will be available, though we’re not going so far as to call it a widebody anything unless it ends up being over 80 inches across and has clearance lights – which it won’t. Still, any visual differentiator is welcomed. Natty ‘Type S’ badges ride high on the car’s front fenders, and a blade-type spoiler juts off the rear hatch. These cues, combined with a triple exhaust tip, mean it is unlikely to be confused with pedestrian trims of the model.

acura integra type s launches this summer with 320 horses

As a reference, the existing Integra makes 200 horses and 192 torques from a 1.5L inline-four, a mill which will be intimately familiar to anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a new Civic or CR-V in the last couple of years. A stick with so-called rev matching guts or a vanilla CVT can be fitted, and a helical limited-slip diff helps sort out power to the road.

We won’t have long to wait. The new Integra Type S, a 2024 model, will be officially revealed next month ahead of the 48th annual Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach.