Brake Repair

Everyone wants a car that is comfortable, drives well, runs dependably and goes fast, but we often take the stopping power of our car for granted. The brakes in your vehicle work as hard as or harder than any other component. How many times have you had to avoid an accident with the help of your brakes? They are the unsung hero in your car.

Brakes aren't fun or pretty, but having them working properly is necessary.  Whether your car has disc brakes or drum brakes, Tommy’s has the ASE Trained and AAA Approved mechanics to repair your brakes. We offer AC Delco Brake pads that meet every car manufacturer’s specifications.  

Factory approved brake repair

Our technicians can perform all forms of manufacturer approved brake repair including:

  • Replace Brake linings and brake pads
  • Resurface brake rotor
  • Resurface brake drums
  • Repair or replace brake master cylinder
  • Repair or replace brake booster
  • Replace brake lines
  • Fill and bleed brake fluid

Brakes squealing or pulling?

Is it time to have your brakes serviced?  Even if you haven’t noticed a difference when stopping, it’s still essential to have your brakes serviced on schedule.  Problem signs include squealing or pulling when you brake, shaking in the steering wheel or pulsing in the brake pedal.  Even before your stopping distance is compromised, if these signs are present you may be doing expensive damage to your vehicle’s braking system. 

No matter what kind of brake problems you’re having:

  • Pulsating brakes
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Grinding brakes
  • Growling brakes
  • Brakes grabbing
  • Brakes pulling

If you notice any of these symptoms, or if it’s time for scheduled maintenance, book a brake inspection appointment today.


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