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Car Brakes Services in St. Pete, FL

Brake Repair in St. Pete

It is imperative to entrust Brake Repair solely to a professional due to the intricacy of today’s computerized braking systems, which necessitate specialized tools and equipment for proper servicing.

During your vehicle’s brake service appointment, our experts will meticulously scrutinize the entire braking system to ensure optimal performance. Our evaluations can test every aspect, including the antilock computer system and hydraulic brake components. Your safety is paramount, so procrastinating on a brake job is ill-advised.

How to Know if Your Brakes Need Repair

Though brakes may not be the most glamorous or exciting aspect of your vehicle, it is vital to keep them in excellent working condition. Whether your car features disc brakes or drum brakes, our ASE Trained and AAA Approved mechanics at Tommy’s can handle your brake repairs. We exclusively use AC Delco Brake pads that adhere to all car manufacturer’s specifications.

Undoubtedly, the brake system is the most critical system in your vehicle. Prioritizing your safety, we urge you to carefully monitor your car’s brake system. Are you experiencing any abnormal sounds such as squeaking or grinding? Is your car pulling in any direction? These are all indications that your brake system is malfunctioning and may not function properly when necessary. Signs or symptoms that may indicate your brake system is not working properly may include the following:

  • Pulsating brakes
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Grinding brakes
  • Growling brakes
  • Brakes grabbing
  • Brakes pulling

If you detect any of these warning signs, or if it’s time for routine maintenance, schedule a brake inspection appointment with us today. Our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle brake repairs for both disc and drum brakes. We can replace brake pads, resurface or replace brake surfaces, and fine-tune your brakes to ensure optimal performance on every journey.

Manufacturer Approved Brake Repair

Our skilled technicians are capable of executing all types of brake repair that are approved by the manufacturer, which includes:

  • Replacement of brake linings and pads
  • Resurfacing of brake rotors
  • Resurfacing of brake drums
  • Repair or replacement of brake master cylinder
  • Repair or replacement of brake booster
  • Replacement of brake lines
  • Refilling and purging of brake fluid

Flushing Your Car's Brake Fluid

While everyone desires a comfortable, dependable, fast, and well-handling vehicle, we frequently overlook the essential aspect of stopping power provided by our brakes. Your car’s brakes toil as much, or even more than, any other component. How many times have you avoided a potential accident with the aid of your brakes? They are the unsung hero of your car.

To minimize the likelihood of brake failure and the necessity to replace expensive brake components, particularly in ABS systems, which are prevalent in most current vehicles, it is advisable to change the fluid periodically. Nearly all brake fluids tend to absorb moisture from the atmosphere – this cannot be avoided. The moisture accumulation causes rust and corrosion on the internal brake system components. If the moisture concentration reaches a critical point, it may boil, compress, and create an unsafe braking situation. We suggest that the brake fluid should be flushed and replaced every 30,000 miles.

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