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Air Conditioning Services in St. Pete, FL

Car A/C Repair

The scorching Florida weather can take a toll on both vehicles and drivers. While your car’s engine continuously produces heat that requires proper dissipation to avoid any severe issues, the air conditioning system provides the driver with chilly air. If you notice a decline in the cooling performance of your car’s air conditioner or it takes more time than usual to cool the car down, it may be time to get your system checked and serviced.

ASE Certified Air Conditioning Repair

Tommy’s Auto Service employs ASE Certified Air Conditioning Technicians who possess the expertise and equipment necessary to maintain all aspects of your car’s air conditioning system. This includes the auto ac compressor, condenser, dryer, and evaporator. Regardless of the scope of your air conditioning needs, you can trust that your entire system will receive exceptional care at Tommy’s. With an experienced staff and access to top-quality auto air conditioner parts, Tommy’s can handle anything from minor repairs to major system overhauls for your car’s A/C.

Freon Leaks

Occasionally, a poorly performing automobile air conditioning system can be resolved by recharging the Freon or refrigerant. Freon, which is the lifeblood of your car’s A/C, as well as its generic equivalent, need to be regularly checked to ensure they are at the proper level and that pressure levels meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Despite operating in a closed system, leaks can occur in the refrigerant of your car’s AC system. As the connections and seals weaken due to vibration and normal wear, a regular car air conditioner service can identify these issues before they cause any significant damage. Like other systems in your car, your vehicle’s air conditioner has numerous moving parts that must function together to serve its purpose. As these systems age, adjustments must be made to ensure proper, efficient, and maximum utilization. The team at Tommy’s Auto Service can repair your auto ac to provide you with a comfortable driving experience while minimizing ac repair costs.

What To Look For

  • The air takes an extended period to cool down
  • The air conditioner compressor frequently cycles on and off
  • The air conditioner compressor emits a loud noise
  • The belts create noise

How To Avoid Costly Car A/C Repairs

Tommy’s DYE-agnosis System eliminates the uncertainty in AC repair. Often, the refrigerant loss in the AC system results from a faulty fitting or o-ring seal. By identifying the location of refrigerant leakage, we can perform only essential repairs.

We will refill your AC system with refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specifications and incorporate an ultra-violet dye into the system to identify any leaks. This distinctive DYE-agnosis Service provides us with a precise view of where the Freon or Refrigerant is leaking, allowing us to diagnose your system more accurately if it requires repair.

If you’re not sure if you need refrigerant there are a couple of ways you can know. If your car’s air conditioner takes a long time to cool off, blows warm, or even smells bad, it is likely that you need new refrigerant. 

Fresh Air Treatment for Your Vehicle

Are you noticing a foul odor coming from your car’s air conditioner? We frequently receive complaints from customers who claim that their car’s air conditioning system emits unpleasant smells similar to that of a locker room, dirty socks, or mold. If you’re experiencing a similar situation, we have a solution for you. Our Evaporator Odor Treatment eliminates the root cause of this issue, mold, right from its source. Your car’s air conditioning evaporator box provides a perfect breeding ground for mold due to its darkness, moisture, and inaccessibility. The experienced team of ASE Trained and AAA Approved mechanics at Tommy’s Auto Service can repair your car’s air conditioning system, ensuring maximum comfort while minimizing repair costs.

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