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Car Transmission Services in St. Pete, FL

Regular transmission fluid flushes reduce the chance a very costly repair will be needed and the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Heat is the nemesis of transmission fluid – it causes the fluid to oxidize reducing the lubrication capacity which accelerates the wear on internal components. Manufacturers have engineered methods that reduce heat, but this fluid still gets extremely hot every time you drive. Flushing every 30,000 miles is usually sufficient.

Driveline Services

A vehicle’s driveline consists of components that convert engine rotation to power at the wheels. It involves gear boxes that contain lubricant. Largely due to high heat, the lubricant becomes less effective over time and gears, bearings and other components can become worn and damaged. Unless serviced, these components will eventually break. Exactly what components need servicing and at what mileage depend on your specific vehicle but they will fall within the range of 30-60,000 miles. Ask us about your specific vehicle.

CV Joints and Boots

Constant-velocity joints (CV joints) are mainly used in front wheel drive and all wheel drive cars. They allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play. 

These joints are protected by a rubber boot (CV Boot) that shields them from dirt and moisture while keeping in the protective grease.  When that barrier is compromised, CV joint failure is inevitable if not caught immediately. CV joint failure could cause the steering to lock, or the car to not move at all, and getting your vehicle back on the road will mean expensive repairs.  To ensure your CV joints are protected, ask for a quick check of your CV boots with your next service.

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